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casual-farts-haydenblue.mp4 [1.34GB] - A collection of little clips I've been saving up the last couple of days. These are all sudden and what I've been eating made my stomach gurgle and gas up so fast I couldn't set up my laptop and camera in time - so I took them with my iPhone instead. Laying down in bed I let them rip: bare butt, through panties, or bubbling through shorts or pajama pants. A few letting loose on my computer chair and some on the toilet / public toilet (with some peeing). I even snuck a few loud farts at a friends house when she walked out of the room ;) Constantly farting in this clip - toots, trumpets, hot hisses, and bubbly ones. Some of these really stunk up the room - my big 57" ass can sure make a lot of noises!

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