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alicia-s-head-magical-nbm-adventures-kinkey-productions.mp4 [75.68MB] - Alicia visits the doctor and complains about how her head keeps falling off after the body transplant surgery. SCENE 1: Alicia is sitting on the couch next to the doctor. She's holding her head by her hair, like she's trying to keep her head upright. She explains to the doctor that ever since the body transplant surgery, her head keeps falling off her body. She also doesn't think her new body like her. She lets go of her hair for a second and her head limps down, like she can't lift up her head by herself. She tries to talk like this but it's hard so she pulls her head back up. The doctor says that shouldn't be happening and asks when was the last time her head fell off. She says it happened just outside in the parking lot. Her seat belt hit her chin and her head went in the backseat. She was back there for 10 minutes, body wouldn't listen, etc. Doctor asks if he can hold her head. He grasps her head with both hands and moves her head around a bit (the head is still on her body for this whole scene.) At some point, she says she can't feel her body anymore, and he arms go limp. Doctor says it'll be easier if he can remove her head for the time being. She reluctantly agrees. SCENE 2: Focus to Alicia's NBM head laying sideways on the couch. Doctor says her body has been moved to the other room. She asks if she can be in the same room too, but doctor suggest it'll be better if "they" stay separated for a bit. The head at this point appears somewhat uncomfortable. Doctor asks how she is, and she tells him her concerns (doesn't like being a head, feels powerless, can't move, etc.) Doctor asks how many times this has happened and she says "too many to count." She tells a few stories, like how one time she woke up on morning but her body wasn't there and she was left on her pillow helpless until noon. Or when she was late to work because her head fell under the bed while she was brushing it. In both cases, she tried to call for her body but it took a while to respond. The last straw was when her head fell off and her body didn't put her back on for a week. During the week, she was even left outside on the front porch during the night, where anybody could have "stolen" her. After each story she gets more concerned and upset. The doctor caresses her face and tells her everything is going to be fine and says he's going to go in the other room to perform some tests. Left alone, she tries to look on the bright side, saying that the doctor seems nice and at least she was left on the couch and not the floor this time. Her nose starts to itch and ruins the good mood. SCENE 3: Doctor basically messes with her headless body, touching her boobs, thighs, etc. Her body isn't exactly limp (ideally, arms and legs can move) SCENE 4: Cut to the head laying on the floor. She sneezed and rolled off the couch. She calls for help but no one can hear her. Between calling for help, she starts complaining and cursing. For example, she gets mad at herself for getting the surgery in the first place, and how she just wants her old body back. She alternates between calling for help and complaining until the doctor shows up. She's very happy to see him, and asks him to please pick her up. SCENE 5: Last scene shows her in a box. She's happy to be off the floor but asks why she's in a box, and how is her body. He says that he'll have to perform more tests, so she'll have to stay as a head for a little bit. She gets a bit frantic about this and basically begs him to not leave her like this. He tries to calm her down, saying it'll only be for a little bit, but she's still scared. He assures her that she'll be saying in a nice room for tonight, and he'll make sure she can't be dropped or fall over. During this he's caressing/touching her face. She eventually calms down a little bit and asks how long it'll be. He says he's not sure, and asks her if anybody can come to pick her up tomorrow. She says her mom might be able to, although she might be a little pissed. He leaves her to go check on the body again, at which point her nose starts to itch. She yells at him to come back, but he doesn't. Scene ends with her wriggling her nose, trying to calm the itch.

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