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hot-girlfriends-morning-breath-jessieminx.mp4 [574.07MB] - Custom: I was hoping to see the video start with me waking up next to you in bed. You just woke up and have not brushed your teeth yet and you start with a big yawn. You giggle and laugh at me a little as your breath washes over my face and I am made to breathe in the stench. You tell me that you have me tied to the bed in my mouth is taped shut as you were feeling particularly evil this morning and wanted me to smell your morning breath. As I struggle to get free you laugh at me which makes your breath fill my nostrils again and you tell me about how shitty I was to you last night by passing out when I promised to take you out. Since we didn't go out, you've decided not to let me out as you inform me that you plan on driving me insane this morning. You show me your cleavage and even rub your nipple through your shirt as you teasingly ask if I wanna kiss it. Of course I'm tied down and you laugh at my attempts to touch you. You reach down and tease my cock (a dildo or simulation off camera would be fine too) and gently stroke the tip but stop as you feel me grow harder. Again as you laugh you exhale in my face and then have an idea. If I can cum while being made to smell your breath, you'll let me go. Each time you tease my cock, you breathe right into my nose making it impossible to cum. You even turn and tease me with your ass and just as I get turned on again, you blow your breath in my face to keep me from cumming. Finally you get bored with me and mockingly blow a kiss right at my nose as you tell me I have to stay locked in the room that you've filled up with the smell of your breath. Feel free to talk right into my face so that you make it impossible for me not to smell your breath with each word you speak.

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