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358-my-nylons-can-t-contain-your-monster-katiesclub.mp4 [1.14GB] - Custom Clip Request Main highlights: stockings, nails (hands and feet), condom Sequence nr. I (2-3 min): You are a sexy outfit (garter belt with string panty and lace top) as well the black vintage RHT stockings from the 149. Sex, Leather, Stockings. As well, it would be wonderful if you could wear some stiletto high-heels (nude/white or something to contract - not black) similar to the Louboutin type.The whole action should happen in a bedroom and you enter the scene all dressed-up as previously described, you go next to a chair and sit on it. The next action is for you to start playing with the stockings - you put your hands on them and slowly (very slowly) move them from top of the stocking till the bottom, teasing all the way around. After some repetitive actions, you start rolling down one of the stocking (but you let your high-heels on) very slowly (continuing to play with it) until it reaches the ankle - very important not to fully take it off. Sequence nr II (2-3 min): (in this moment you are still on the chair with one of the stockings rolled down to ankle) Your feet were mostly on the ground, but now you put the feet which has the stocking rolled down on the top of the other, moment when your boyfriend comes in the scene and you start slowly putting him a condom with your hands and then he puts his cock inside your rolled stocking, slowly pushing forward and also touching with the bottom part of the cock your wonderful stiletto-high-heels shoes. While he is gently pushing forward and backward - you place your hand (with some manicure at your choice) as well on the cock, teasing him all the way around (optional: you can also put some oil while he is pushing, on his cock / stockings and high heels) Sequence nr. III (4-5 min): Now, you take your boyfriend and drag him into the bed, with him lying on the back and you at the bottom of him and you take the condom off. Very closely to the camera you take your high-heels off and put out another pair of stockings (the white ones that you were wearing in the 296 Beautiful Mermaid. the third part video) and you very gently drag them first on one hand, teasing you boyfriend with them and his cock as well for 30 sec or so. After this, you put one of the stockings on his cock (but not until the front) and you start giving him a footjob with your stockings feet, while keeping the head of the stockings with your hand, above, so that it creates a straight line between his cock and your hand. You continue to do so, very slow for some minutes. The cumshot should come in the same position, him filling the whole stocking with his endless cum. As an example for the position and the scene, there is a video which you can watch to get the idea. This would be the main idea behind - I really hope you like it, because for me it would be an absolutely delicious scene. Of course you can increase the time slot / scene if you want to do so and add further things.

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