[708.20MB] Sexual Psychotherapist In Nylons - Ariel Anderssen

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sexual-psychotherapist-in-nylons-ariel-anderssen.mp4 [708.20MB] - Welcome; how have you been feeling since our last session? Oh good. And do you have anything you'd especially like to discuss today? Erotic dreams? With someone you know in them? Good heavens, who might that be? Me? Well, it's quite common for people to form temporary romantic attachments to their therapist - is there anything particular that attracts you to me? My stockings? Well yes, I do always wear stockings and suspenders - how very observant of you!  I wonder if perhaps we could work through this temporary attraction of yours. How would it be if you visualised me without my high heels on? Or without my cardigan? Let me help you! I gradually disrobe, noting your reactions as I do so. You appear to be becoming aroused! What an interesting reaction - I wonder if it means you're working through your feelings. Perhaps, if I take a little more clothing off too, we'll get to the bottom of your wants and needs. For the best clinical outcome, you understand...

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