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lolly-hitachis-naughty-ella-in-diaper-ella-raine-abdl.mp4 [352.54MB] - Lolly expected Ella to clean up the house while she was gone for work all day, but unsurprisingly, Ella spent all day masturbating in her vintage Carousel. When Lolly gets home she's understandably irritated at the state of the house. Not only does the house still look like a wreck, but it smells like dirty diapers from the trash Ella didn't take out! Exhausted from a long day's work, Lolly wants Ella to put on a show for her. After all, she is in very special diaper - vintage Carousels are just oh-so-soft. She gropes Ella's crinkly diaper for a few moments before deciding that she'll take control of the vibrator to make Ella wriggle and moan. She presses the head of the vibrator against the thick padding wrapped around Ella's waist and crotch and immediately she lets out pathetic, horny whines. They both exclaim over how much they love diapers and how soft the plastic on these Carousels are, rubbing their hands over the crinkly waistband they both love so much. Before long, Ella is shaking as she cums underneath Lolly's hands. They exchange a sweet kiss as they finish with playtime for the day.

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