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lascivous-smoking-vamp-4k-uhd-amedee-vause.mp4 [395.56MB] - She wakes up at eleven. Puts a dress on. Black & white like the cigarette and the smoke. Lying on the side, curled up like a cat, she ignites a cigarette. First one. The couch is soft, one can sink into the cushions, but she's curled. Like a cat. The window is open, the night gets into the room. Nobody out there, on the lonely streets. The night with the darkness blends into the thick smoke to the point you're not so sure if she smokes a cigarette or smokes the night itself. Closes her eyes, gently, opens them gently. So they adjust to the darkness. Under the eyelids the eyes follow inner processes, that curl like the smoke in the air, nobody really knows what's in there. We only see the smoke, the girl, the dress, the darkness, her boobs, her cigarette, her thirsty lips that suck the smoke inside, so it will curl, like the inner processes. Hand on the bosom, the chest line rises and falls like the moon when she blows out the smoke. There is night outside, always night for some time, so no one could say if that's all the smoke in the world or just darkness. Who could see the smoke in the dark? Keywords: amedee-vause, amedeevause, smoking, smoking-fetish, smkoke-play, thick-smoke, cigarette, papirosa, cardboard-filter, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, tit-flashing, voyeur, atmospheric, dark, fetish-art, erotic, soothing, fetish, 4K-UHD.

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