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snap-and-slap-edging-games-astrodomina.mp4 [717.13MB] - Get down on your knees and get ready to edge your cock into oblivion for my legs! You're at the entrance to Sydney's home, and she comes down her stairs only to find you groveling at the bottom of them. She notices you staring at her legs and feet, so she decides to play a little game with you. It's a twist on the good old red light green light, except this one is called snap and slap. You see, every time she snaps her fingers, you have to start edging your cock. Then when she slaps her ass you have to stop. Follow along now leg boy. She even oils up her legs to make this game even more intense, and starts teasing you with her amazing feet and legs. *snap!* okay go ahead and start edging, come on now, show her just how much you worship those perfectly muscular legs of hers.. *slap!* okay now STOP! Hahaha, isn't this just sweet torment? You had better be doing what she says or she may never give you this opportunity again. She loves watching you struggle as she repeatedly snaps her fingers and slaps her ass until your cock is just begging for release! She takes you to the edge again and again.. Isn't this constant edging to her feet and legs even better than just exploding right away? It's so difficult for you but you know you can't disobey your Goddesses orders! If you make it to the end she might even give you a cum countdown..

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