[1.78GB] Liu's Seductive Feet - Dreamgirls in Socks

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liu-s-seductive-feet-dreamgirls-in-socks.mp4 [1.78GB] - Liu really likes to take advantage of your foot fetish, and she knows how much you love to rubbing your nose in her toes after walking all day long in her boots! Her feet sweat a lot, but it looks like it is not something that really bothers you, and she knows it. She puts her feet up on the table and wants you to admire her boots after wearing them all day. These boots are really warm on the inside, so she slowly take them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty stinky socks! Don’t you like it? She know how much you love that strong smell of her socks, so she just enjoys rubbing them all over your face, and making you breathe deeply into her socks! She also makes you sniff the insides of her boots, before making you lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Liu also needs to give her beautiful feet some fresh air, so she slowly takes her socks off to completely cover your face again, but this time with her smelly bare feet! She makes you breathe deeply into her feet, and makes you lick the sweaty bottom of her soles too! Liu also wants you to suck her toes, like a good devoted loser slave! Are you sure you can please her right and obey all of her instructions? This is exactly what she wants!

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