[1.44GB] Nosy Neighbor: Part 1 - Melanie Hicks

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nosy-neighbor-part-1-melanie-hicks.mp4 [1.44GB] - Wow! Today was a long day but luckily I know exactly how to relax once I am at home. I lay back in my cozy bed and let out a soothing breath. I love being in my bed and feeling the sunlight on my skin through my open window. I would have my windows open all the time if it weren't for my nosy neighbor! But today I need a release and nothing will stop me, not even my neighbor! I let my hands wander over my soft butterfly dress. My hands make their way back up to cup my breasts and give them a squeeze. Teasing my nipples on the fabric, I soon need more! I spread my legs wide to let my fingers tease open my pussy lips, swirling my finger over my sensitive clit. It feels so so good, the warm sun on my skin, my fingers playing with my pussy. I need a better angle so I bend into doggy style. The warm sunlight on my ass speeds up my journey over the orgasmic peak. Laying on my back again, I am ready to let it all loose. I cum so hard I would not be surprised if my nosy neighbor hears! I doubt he would actually spy on me though. Would he?

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