[1.41GB] Extorted into CASTRATION - mistressbijoux

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extorted-into-castration-mistressbijoux.mp4 [1.41GB] - It's easy--- all you have to do is buy this and NOT follow along and then you're safe. Safe from the pain, MENTAL DOMINATION, the humiliation that comes with being chemically and physically CASTRATED... how your life will change in its entirety after I coerrc you into this new life. No more sexual gratification, soft forever for Miss Bijoux.... everyone will find out. No one will look at you like a normal human again: because you won't be one. A castrated slave, permanently fixed for Me. Don't follow My instructions on exactly how to trap yourself into a life of REAL CASTRATION from Miss Bijoux. The detailed descriptions of your new life as My neutered slave will be easy to slip you into a frenzied state of horniness. Get it together: or else you'll be trapped into this via My classic EXTORTION techniques. I'll be sure of it. Once you follow that task I give you--- the one you can never un-do. Just watch this as a fantasy. That's all this really is, just a wild MIND FUCKING. Right?

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