[1.22GB] Junior kiddo plus review diaper wetting - Faye Taylor

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junior-kiddo-plus-review-diaper-wetting-faye-taylor.mp4 [1.22GB] - I’m super excited because I’m going to review some new plastic! I’m wearing a black and white jumper, a black and white pair of pyjama bottoms, and on my cute little feet I have on a thin pair of grey socks. I have been wanting to get my hands on some Junior Kiddo Plus diapers for such a long time, and I have finally done so! I take one in my hands and start discussing the things which are very important to all us ABDLs, such as comfort, style, and availability. But of course, I have to know how one handles when it is wet, so I take off my pyjama bottoms and expertly fasten myself into a fresh one :) After showing it off in all its glory, I put it through its paces by squirting a wet jet inside. As my bladder tingles with pleasure, I take careful note of exactly what’s happening, and how it all feels. Tune into the video to hear exactly what I have to say ;)

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