[1.43GB] Nikki Brooks Made To Be ENF On Live Cam - Ginary

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nikki-brooks-made-to-be-enf-on-live-cam-ginary.mp4 [1.43GB] - Ginary addresses her fans on her channel about all the comments she received asking about her roommate, Nikki Brooks. Nikki doesn’t think Ginary has a real job making videos for the internet, but Ginary says Nikki is broke and can’t even pay for her part of the bills. So Ginary decided to make Nikki “earn her keep”, and is streaming it LIVE for all her fans to witness! Ginary busts into Nikki’s room, and Nikki gets frustrated when she sees the camera and that Ginary is filming again for her channel. Ginary confronts Nikki about her part of the bills, and tells her she’s going to pay for it today - by getting dominated on camera for views. Ginary grabs Nikki as she tries to leave, and binds her arms. She strips Nikki on camera, and dominates her as Nikki reads all the comments coming in on the LIVE stream. Ginary makes a deal - she will stop and delete the video IF Nikki can manage to get all her clothes back on quickly. Ginary pulls Nikki’s clothes down every time she tries to pull them up, and mocks her for even trying! She will never delete the video - and now she’s going to make Nikki a part of her channel as a slave for her show! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary or Nikki? Email us today.)

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