[378.95MB] Pampers and tights diaper wetting leak - Faye Taylor

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pampers-and-tights-diaper-wetting-leak-faye-taylor.mp4 [378.95MB] - I’m relaxing indoors with a full bladder :) I’m completely naked, except for a lovely pair of see through tights and a tight fitting Pampers. I sit on the rug and leaf through an interesting book, and all the while I can feel the pressure on my bladder growing stronger. My Pampers looks so good underneath my tights, and I love how it bunches up around my crotch in this position. I keep my eyes on the book, but in the end I just can’t hold on any longer, so I get onto my haunches and let the liquid flow :D A warm stream spills into my Pampers, when all of a sudden it begins to leak! My liquid pours out onto the rug, but the pleasure coming from my relieved bladder is incredible! I finally pull down my tights to show off my wet Pampers, before going back to my book. It will be even more engrossing now that I’m lovely and soggy :D

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