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ballet-brawlers-arielle-vs-foxy-galas-looner.mp4 [429.15MB] - Arielle is thinking about joining a dance class after school but when she goes in she sees Foxy. Foxy hates her because Arielle cheated on Foxy's brother and when she got caught, she kicked him in the nuts. Arielle tries to act like nothing has happened but Foxy calls her a bitch then turns her back on her. Arielle then kicks Foxy in the groin from behind which cause her to drop to her knees clutching herself and moaning. Arielle stands over her mocking her and her brother. She stands over her saying she can get any man she wants because she looks irresistible in her black tights. Then Foxy snaps her foot up and kicks her low. Arielle actually mentions her tights a number of times during the fight, gloating about her her beautiful sexy legs and saying she suits tights better than Foxy. They are vicious & nasty towards each other throughout the fight, pulling off each others skirts, trash talking & exchangingbrutal kicks & uppercuts to the crotch. Towards the end, Arielle lands a hard kick dropping Foxy to the ground. Arielle takes the opportunity to climb on top & try to strangleFoxy. Foxy is enraged now throwing a knee up catching Arielle right between the legs. She dominates from that point on leaving Arielle writhing around on the floor in intense pain! **Send your custom clip request to my email address at the top GALASXXX . If you like this video then you will love Jacquelyn Vs Galas " Pantyhose Beatdown " & "Pain in Pantyhose: Jacquelyn Vs Galas"** Related Categories: FEMALE FIGHTING, CAT FIGHTING, CUNT BUSTING, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMALE WRESTLING Keywords: cunt busting, cuntbust, cunt, cuntbusting, pussy, kicking, punching, cat fighting, female wrestling, female domination, female boxing, female fighting, wrestling, catfight, catfighting , pantsing , pantsed , embarrassed , embarrassment

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